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Pedemy full-featured mobile ad server empowers apps of all sizes to reach their full monetization potential by connecting them with the world’s top advertisers.


That Excites

Experience video with a leading programmatic platform built for storytelling, Tremor Video.


That Deliver

We strive to provide publishers with the highest potential revenue streams across digital screens.


That Performs

Our tech stack leverages dynamic supply segmentation, quality assurance algorithms, and more.

Extensive Demand

Our extensive network of demand partners provides a massive variety of advertisers with one single integration.

Global Reach

The global reach of our mobile advertising exchange gives you access to billion mobile users.

Higher Revenue

We offer dynamic, real-time competition for every impression providing higher eCPMs and immediate monetization.

Contact Us

Get in touch with our monetization experts and schedule a free consultation to learn how you can quickly increase your mobile advertising revenues.

Programmatic Buying

Pedemy allows programmatic buyers to bid inventory via real-time bidding (RTB). The Pedemy provides massive scale, quality inventory, exclusive data sets and proprietary formats that drive peak performance for multi-screen advertisers.

  • Endless Scale
  • Quality Inventory
  • Rich Data Sets
  • High Performing Ad Units
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